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Hiberna: Winter Quarters

Digital Prints from collage, pencil,

ink, silkscreen and photograph
15cm x 22cm


"Last summer I kept opening windows for bumble bees trapped indoors, their deep evocative buzzing compelling me to free them. In winter only the queen bee will hibernate, the worker females and males will die naturally by late autumn. The queen digs into well-drained soil or banks of earth facing north and she will not surface again until spring.  

This winter we have also been trapped indoors and like the bee I have felt drawn to the window, which both protects and connects us to the world outside.  Our enforced hibernation from Covid hopefully is temporary but our bees are in decline, threatened more each year from pollution, climate change to habitat loss. They are a part of the natural ecosystem and essential to our planet; the bees life is vulnerable. The dormant queen promises growth and renewal in the spring - her safety is our safety also.

My images reflect on this intense time, and the endangered life of the bee that knocks against my window."

Jan Ayton

March 2021

Constellation_18_Cambridge_Artworks imag
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