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For the 11th event in Cambridge Artworks' Illumination series, Starting the Line artists Lucy Soni and Wendy Chapple and curator/writer Alison Green will host two free workshops at Cambridge Artspace - one on making, one on curating.

Illumination 11 Starting a Line Test copy.jpg

Drawing Workshop

Saturday 26 November

2.00–4.30 pm

At the drawing workshop participants will be invited to make exploratory and collaborative drawings in response to pre-marked paper. The results will be included in Sunday’s curating workshop. All materials provided.

Starting the Line currently consists of 70+ drawings made in this way and displayed in London and Norwich as loops in an oversized paper chain. Work created at Saturday’s workshop will be inserted (if you so wish) into a longer-term project on shared making and display. Click here to book Drawing Workshop


Curating Workshop

Sunday 27 November

2.00–4:30 pm

This workshop is an opportunity develop your curating skills. Working in pairs and threesomes, each group will select sets of drawings, and explore display options.


Starting the Line encourage a consideration of the body within this process, and a range of outcomes, not limited to chains. Movement responses to the work and hang will be encouraged as well as verbal discussion, before finding ways to combine the different curations into a single work to be documented and shared. All materials and supportive discussion provided.

Click here to book Curating Workshop

Cambridge Artspace

5 Green’s Road, CB4 3EF

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