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Here we are in the open landscape of the twenty-first century that progress has enabled, surrounded by urgent calls to help, act, and change. Cambridge Artspace invites your response to these imperatives with an artwork to be shown in Mayday, our open exhibition on Emergency, from 25-27 May 2023.


Using a single page of any newspaper as a starting point, you are invited to use the page as the basis for a work that reflects upon the state we’re in and/or the future alternatives you envisage.


Mayday means many things. It speaks the energy of International Workers’ Day. It is the time of pagan celebration of the vital shift of the year from full Spring into Summer. And it is also mayday/ m’aider – a signal of distress, a cry for help. We hope these starting points inspire new work.


Selected work will be hung using pins on the gallery walls. Works will be sold at £10 each.

All proceeds will go to emergency relief funds. If you do not wish to sell your piece you must specify that it is not for sale. (Please include an SAE for the return of any works that are not to be sold). 

Submissions must be received no later than 19 May and mailed to:

MAYDAY @ Cambridge Artspace, 5 Green’s Road, Cambridge, CB4 3EF

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An exhibition by Idit Nathan and Sarah Wood

Can what’s discarded today gift future-vision? 

For this year’s Cambridge Festival, artists Idit Nathan and Sarah Wood will conduct an art experiment. Throughout the Festival, they will respond each day to a single art manifesto directed towards the future of the planet. In return, they will make new work but only using the casually discarded material they find around them. 


Can art be made without a negative impact on the planet? This playful project is designed to test just that. Repurposing, remodelling, remaking – Nathan and Wood will reanimate what’s overlooked in today’s landscape.


The results of this art experiment will culminate in Piecing Together, an exhibition of new work at Cambridge Artspace. Visitors to the exhibition will also be invited to join in with the art experiment.


Friday 31 March, 6pm–8pm (private view, all welcome)

Saturday 1 April, 2pm–5pm

Sunday 2 April, 2pm–5pm


Cambridge Artspace, 5 Greens Road, CB4 3EF


Sunday, February 26th 2023
2.00pm - 4.00pm


As part of our ongoing Illumination series, Artworks studio artist Clio Lloyd-Jacob will be hosting OBJECT RELATIONS, a free silent drawing workshop. 

Participants are invited to each bring an object which will be used in a group arrangement. This small, supportive workshop will begin with ideas-sharing and object arrangement, then continue with an hour of independent silent drawing. The workshop will conclude with refreshments, sharing of work and an open discussion.  

All materials are provided, but participants are welcome to bring their own preferred materials as well. 


Sunday, January 29th 2023
4.00pm - 6.00pm


Artworks is delighted to host three artists for our January Pathways event:


Helen Cook        

Susan Mealing   

Mansi Shouche    


Each artist will share a recent or ongoing project and the audience will be invited to participate in a discussion of the artists’ intentions, context and creative work. There will be opportunities to make connections with other artists and find overlaps between diverse approaches. Do come join the conversation! 


Cambridge Artspace
5 Greens Road, CB4 3EF


FREE, but spaces are limited, please book via email:

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