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noun Word forms; plural -nums, -na (-nə)
any period of freedom from the usual authority / any pause or interruption in continuity / the interval between what was and whatever the fuck comes next.

"The idea behind Interregnum emerged during the first lockdown of 2020, in response to our need to envision a reality beyond the resumption of business as usual. We began reaching out to people who carried with them ideas for a different way of doing things, people we believed could bridge the worlds of reality and fantasy. Each conversation that you’ll encounter in our podcast is rooted in the real-life memories and experiences of the people we talk to. Together, we hope that they give a sense of possibility and purpose for the struggles ahead.You’ll also find a growing collection of other stuff here too… things that have given either one, or both of us, pleasure, hope or even just a good laugh." 

Kate Laycock and David Massey

March 2021






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