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Let The Sun Shine In

Greeting card, digital print

5 x 7 in.


"The lockdown last year March presented itself with the possibility to slow down. It was an invitation to take things as they are. An opportunity to come to terms with parts of me I would otherwise have run away from by being busy 'going somewhere', 'being 'someone'.

I allowed myself to be guided by something bigger than my fearful self. This took me to unknown places; hidden parts of myself came into the light, easy and uneasy ones. It was as if a spell in certain aspects of my life was broken, freeing me up from some limiting restrictions, brought upon me by my conditioning.

The transformation that followed from this process would have not been possible without the help of my spiritual practice. Out of gratitude, I started creating a series of greetings cards to fundraise for Tiratanaloka's bursary fund. Tiratanaloka is a Buddhist retreat centre for women training for ordination. 

This is the first card.

For more information and details on purchasing, please email"

Anneleen Stam

April 2021

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