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For the seventh event in our monthly Illumination series at Cambridge Artspace, join us for a conversation with artist Joshua Obichere, exploring perceptions of race within portraiture.

Informed by his Masters research and recent collaboration with Year 12 students in Cambridgeshire, Obichere explores perceptions of blackness and the potential of artwork to deepen and transform them. Students worked with Obichere to analyse and visually share how race influenced their perception and representations of him. From the dialogues and images that grew out of their joint research, including other contemporary depictions of blackness, Obichere has constructed a series of self portraits, which challenge and reframe perceptions of blackness, and give voice to his experience within this identity. 

Obichere’s exhibition of self portraits and his experiences as an educator will be the starting point of an open facilitated discussion to begin unpacking the complex issues held in his research, in the experiences of his students, other artists and members of the audience. 


Sunday, July 24

4:30 - 6.00pm

This event is free, with limited capacity - booking is recommended: SKIN DEEP

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