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Studio in Isolation

Oil on Panel
50 cm x 60 cm

“A still-life painting made in lockdown, almost a year into the pandemic. The objects are mostly favourite jugs, cups, bottles and containers from my studio collection. The gloves are also from my studio supply but the Covid mask is distinctly different and places the painting in our current time.

Each item was drawn in isolation without reference to its location or to the surrounding objects, so each has it’s own perspective, much like individual people currently living in isolation. The drawings were cut out individually and collaged to make a composition as reference for the painting. The solution is never straightforward as there are so many possibilities but this is part of the challenge; to work out the final arrangement so that the eye is drawn in and around the whole image through the placement of objects.

It felt important to include part of the window, to acknowledge the outside world and to offer the sense of being inside looking out, constrained in a small space with only a passing reference to the outdoors since we are all being encouraged to ‘stay at home.’

Although unplanned, the painting contains 20 objects, which may represent the year 2020. There is just one very small additional pebble on the windowsill, which I’d like to think marks the start of the new year and our hopes for a less restricted future.”

Jill Ogilvy

March 2021

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